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  • Knee Replacement 3D render

    Knee Replacement Modeling Project. Rendered in Maya and final project was edited in Photoshop using a leg pencil drawing I sketched out myself. Colors, background and filters were added in Photoshop.

  • 3d concept for leg replacement

    3D Artificial Limb animation clip

    A short video clip of a 3D Concept for a leg replacement. Created in Autodesk Maya and edited in Adobe after effects. Featuring Chrome and Titanium parts including springs and shock absorbers. 3D Artificial Limb animation clip

  • 3d human eye cross-section

    Human Eye Cross-section Rendering

    A 3D Cross-section of the Human Eye created in Maya and edited in Photoshop. Featuring a pencil sketch, chalkboard background and the 3D models.